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Paid Ads on Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), Microsoft Ad Network (Bing), and social channels including Facebook & Twitter, are the fastest and most effective way to promote your website, products and services to a highly targeted audience. 

A successful PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign requires proper initial set-up, on-going testing, refining and optimizing of all aspects of the campaign, all of which require a combination of time, deep knowledge, training and experience.

Over the span of my career I have created, managed, and overseen thousands of successful PPC campaigns across a range of small, medium, and enterprise-level business verticals, including law firms, luxury hotels, retail, professional services, automotive, insurance and real estate – with ad budgets ranging from $5000 to over $300,000 per month.

With the ever-increasing complexity and competition of ad platforms, you need an experienced and certified PPC professional to get the most out of your advertising dollar through honest, transparent and measurable strategies and best practices.

If you already work with an agency, or have an in-house PPC Specialist managing your Google campaigns, I can provide an unbiased review, audit and recommendations based on your current performance, Google Best Practices, and opportunities for growth and improvement. I also provide training and mentoring of in-house PPC teams and individual specialists. 


Benefits of Advertising on Google & Bing


Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising (Bing) both offer precise targeting, are completely measurable, and has tremendous reach, levelling the playing field and making it possible for even small businesses to compete on a local, national or even global scale.

Targeting Relevance

One of the greatest benefits Google Ads offers is the ability to precisely target ads to users based on their interest, as well as other factors such as location, language, and demographics. Specific keywords and phrases can reach consumers at different stages of the buying cycle. The result is that searchers see highly relevant ads at the right time. FOr local business, you can target right down to specific postal codes or a radius around your business locations!

Return on Investment (ROI)

Unlike most other forms of advertising, online campaigns should be completely measurable, making it easy to tell whether or not you’re meeting your advertising goals. Every user’s click is tied to a particular ad, keyword, and search query, all of which you can track whenever you like. If you spot a trend, you can create, modify, or delete keywords, ads, and campaign targeting selections within seconds. This allows your campaign to be more responsive and puts you more in control when it comes to improving ROI.

Global Market Reach

Every day, Internet users conduct millions of searches on Google. When you use Google Ads, you have the opportunity to capture any segment of that broad worldwide audience that’s actively looking for products, services, information, and websites. By giving your products or services a presence during relevant user searches, you’re ensuring that you’re visible at a crucial point in the customer’s buying cycle — when the user is actively searching for what you’re offering. From local targeting to global exposure, Google Ads are a fit for any size of business!

Precise Targeted Exposure

Whether you’re trying to reach your local community or city, across your Province, State or Country, or around the globe, your campaign can be structured to reach your precise target market. From Mobile Phone & Click-to-Call Ads to the display network, Google Ads offers the perfect targeting options for every business!

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