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In digital marketing, Everything should be measurable. But it’s not enough to just deploy an analytics tool and gather data, you also need the expertise to interpret that data to guide your marketing strategy and measure your success. Without the knowledge to turn metrics into actionable insights, it amounts to nothing more than meaningless numbers.

The world of web analytics is home to numerous solution providers and products which all perform well, but which serve specific needs. These tools range from paid (and very expensive) services such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 360, to free open-source products like Motomo,  and the one most are familiar with, the free version of Google Analytics.


Can you answer these basic website questions?

  • How many people come to your website?
  • How are they finding your site?
  • What search terms do they use?
  • Are they finding you on mobile or desktop devices?
  • What do they do after arriving at your website?
  • How many visits before they convert into a sale or lead?
  • Which traffic sources convert to sales or leads? Which don’t?
  • Where in the sales funnel do they leave your site?

How Web Analytics will help Grow Your Business

  • Analyze your visitor behaviour and trends
  • Know which online campaigns work, and which don’t
  • Understand your ROI and where to invest more in advertising
  • Discover problems with your website’s usability or sales funnel
  • Segment data to identify unique characteristics of your visitors
  • Deploy advanced tools to understand visitor behaviour
  • Test and measure design and UX options with A/B Testing
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